Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Voki - Online Communication For A Variety of Uses

Our ELL teacher, Anne Morin used Voki to record an introduction to herself and her program to place on her website (Hanover Street School>Classrooms).  This is a great way to support text with audio/visual.  Voki's can be used by teachers as a way to differentiate instruction, provide multiple means of instruction, and engage today's learners.  It is FREE and EASY.  Students have created an posted Voki's in Ms. Karabaic's 21st Century Reading & Literacy class to demonstrate their understanding of a topic and share with others!  Make your own Voki at www.voki.com

Submitted by:  Anne Morin, ELL Teacher, Hanover Street School

Skype - Communication Tool for Many Purposes

We use Skype in our district for a variety of different things.  We are expanding our use of Skype in the elementary classrooms.  What is great about Skype?  We can connect to people thousands of miles away or even a few miles away in seconds.  We can "ask experts" or connect with our sibling classroom across town.    Our Mount Lebanon students are able to collaborate with students in the same grade at Hanover Street on curriculum projects.

Using Google Docs "Presentations" Grade 3 - MLES

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gloggin' at Seminary Hill School

Glogster offers creative expression of knowledge and skills in the classroom and beyond with the creation of GLOGS - online multimedia posters - with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more! For more information: What is Glogster?

Shared by: Fran Gere, Media Specialist, Seminary Hill School

Haiku Online Learning Lebanon High School

Lebanon School District has as the opportunity to pilot Haiku, an Online Learning Management System.  Our teachers and students in this pilot have been highly successful. 

Haiku Teaching at Lebanon High School:
Andrew Gamble, Social Studies
David Wallace, Social Studies
Natalie Perriello, Freshman Foundations, Computers, Business - Freshman Foundation Course
Brenda Rowland, Freshman Foundations, Computers, Business

Haiku Teaching at Lebanon Junior High School
Stephanie Karabaic, 21st Century Reading & Literacy
Liam Coyle, Social Studies
Brendan Armstrong, Language Arts

ELL Creating a Digital Report Version of a Written Report

These third grade ELL students wrote a report on a holiday from their culture and then wrote a "script" to summarize their report accompanied with images using Windows Movie Make and IPODS to record their voice!  You can view these projects in their entirety:  Day of the Dead   |  Chinese New Year

Shared by :  Anne Morin, ELL Teacher, Hanover Street School


Digital Animation Grade 5 Seminary Hill School

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

IPAD's in Intensive Needs Program at Hanover Street School

The Intensive Needs program has found dozens and dozens of IPAD and IPOD apps for their children.  Here are a few examples of applications they use and how they use them.

 There are many apps that can help students with speech, cognitive behavioral therapy, motor skills, social skills, communication, reading, math, and much, much more. As a way of getting students involved in this process, teachers ask these youngsters to evaluate "four apps of the week!" - Here is one of the recent apps students evaluated and "reviewed."

Letter School App
Letter School offers different fonts to practice - D'Nealian, HWT and Zaner Bloser; practice capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers ; reinforces phonics and meaning of letter; entertaining visual feedback ; two levels

Z writes: "I like the LRS because you have to get all of the gifts. The math app was too hard."

Smiley Sight Words
This application can accomodate a class of 30 students, includes over 1600 high frequency site words.  The teacher is involved in the process by giving the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" for pronounced words.  The app tracks performance and provides progress reports that can be saved, emailed, etc.  Flash cards sets can be customized.    Here's what another teacher has to say about it "This is the best app on the market for teaching children!"  Theresa tells us that "Kids would so much rather do this than flashcards."  Engaging children is essential to teaching.

Check out Mom's with Apps - excellent resource of apps for youngsters, teachers, and caregivers.

Shared by, Theresa Hunnewell, Special Educator, Hanover Street School

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Global Warming Prezi -Student Work From Middle School Reading & Literacy Class

Students created their Prezi presentations after we read two informational articles on Global Warming. Their prior knowledge of the topic, as requested in the first reading packet proved that the only “fact” most students knew about Global Warming was from the commercial on television with the polar bear mother and cub on the disappearing ice flow. 

As a result, we began our informational research with highlighting the most important facts in the article. Then, students typed each original fact in their own Google Doc. We practiced paraphrasing and rewording each fact, and talked about “plagiarism” and what it means. Students typed each paraphrased fact under the original fact their Google Doc. Next, we evaluated and read through a more advanced informational article about global warming on the web at www.nationalgeographic.com, Students learned about the quality of websites and how websites vary in their authenticity of facts. Students learned that “Bob’s website” as a source, as compared to nationalgeographic.com, might not be a good source since we don’t know who ‘Bob’ is.

Our strategy included reading chunks of the National Geographic article. Students worked semi-independently pulling out facts of importance and practicing the paraphrasing of those facts,as we had done together earlier with the previous article. Finally, students were introduced to a Prezi by watching a Prezi that was embedded in their online course site in Haiku.

The topic of my Prezi was about Good Reader Strategies that good readers employ when reading. Next, students watched an introductory video and completed a hands-on Prezi tutorial and then they were off and running, adding their global warming facts to their own “Global Warming Prezi. Their final presentations were posted on our Haiku site for all of their other classmates to see. Each one is an individual as the students are!  

Shared by Stephanie Karabaic, Reading and Literacy Teacher, LJHS

4th Grade Online Book Review Project

View the entire project here!

Your mission
, secret agents, is to write a book review and publish it online!
Letting the world know about a great book is hard to do, but knowing the parts of a good book review will help. The three parts of a book review are a hook, a brief summary and recommendation(s).

Project Adopt A Country

Project Adopt A Country is a year long 8th Grade Social Studies Project.  All of the instructions and resources are posted online.  The social studies teachers collaborate and create a common curriculum and technology experience for all eighth graders just prior to entering high school.  Students interact with a virtual teacher for support blended with computer instruction in the lab at the school so they learn how to communicate and problem solve online while independently managing their time to complete each project which then results in a cumulative online portfolio!  

Students complete a series of projects focused on an individual country of choice - that  combine information literacy with the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS):  and Universal Design for Learning.

Sample:  Adopt A Country Portfolio Using Google Apps "Sites"