Sunday, February 5, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr Writing Project @ MLS

Using our Mobile Lab and Flip Cameras, students publish and produce a video - using 21st Century Tools students are engaged in the learning process - of listening, comprehending, analyzing, and synthesizing information.  Here are the steps we went through during this unit.

1. We listened to the story, “Martin’s Big Words”  by: Doreen Rappaport.
2.  Students answered the following questions:
   *How can you use “Really Cool Super Rule” to be like Martin Luther King?
   *How can you solve problems at school in a peaceful way?
   *Martin said,  “Everyone can be great?”   What does that mean to you?
   *What words do you think of when you think of Martin Luther King Jr.?
3.  After proofreading their work the students published their writing using the mobile lap top unit.  Teachers were editors.
4. They drew a portrait of Dr. King
5.   Using the flip cameras students partners taped each other reading their work.
6.  This video can also be found on our website and the writing and portraits can be found outside our room in the hallway.

Submitted by Mary Skiffington, Grade 2 Teacher, Mount Lebanon School

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